Pat was born in Northern Manitoba and grew up there and in Northern Ontario, in a very small town near the Quebec border. She pursued her education everywhere she could find it as her life took her to many parts of the world. She has worked in many jobs from bartender to College dean. She has now lived happily in the Yukon for over 30 years

Her post-secondaryeducation included  degrees  from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia;  Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba ; a School Administrator's Certificate , Manitoba; Mediation and Negotiation Certification from Vancouver, British Columbia; Child Protection Mediation Certification, Yukon; Life Skills Coaching Certificate,Yukon; Certification in the Practice and Training of the Satir Counselling Model of Change, Manitoba.

Over the years, in addition to a private practice in counselling, training and mediation since 1990, Pat has worked as a College Instructor, co-ordinator, director and dean. She has served as the Executive Director of Yukon Family Services Association in Whitehorse, Yukon. She has worked as a family mediator and custody evaluator for the Province of Manitoba. She has worked throughout the Yukon and enjoys rural life.Pat is  a teacher, counsellor, mediator, coach and trainer who loves working with individuals , couples and families to create the change they want to see in their lives. 

Pat comes from a large family and has adult children of her own. She loves to travel and is thrilled that the training she is currently facilitating takes her to Turkey and the Middle East several times a year.

Pat's philosophy of counselling is largely based on the teachings of Virginia Satir, a family therapist often considered to be one of the 10 most influential therapists in history.  Pat embraces  Satir's strength-based approach, including having a high regard for the capability of clients to create the lives they want by using their own resources. Pat believes in the universality of human yearnings and the value of authentic, intimate relationships with self and others. Check the Links page for further information regarding Virginia Satir.

From 2004- 2018,she has worked largely with families who were going through separation and divorce and had lost hope for a peaceful settlement of their affairs, including separating their financial lives and creating a parenting plan that focused on the best interests of the children. The work that Pat has done with these families as a mediator, a parent coach,  and custody assessor  has been some of the most satisfying and successfulwork of her life. 

In 2018, Pat and her business partner, Joseph Graham became the leaders of Northern Focus Counselling and Support Services as well as the Satir Institute Society of the Yukon, Canada and continue their work supporting families and communities. See Links section for their website.



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