Counselling?   If you are going through some changes that make your life difficult, you might benefit from working with Pat. Pat believes that you can create the life you want. She believes that you can make the changes you need to feel more authentic, more accepting and loving of who you are and to leave behind  whatever doesn't work well  anymore for you.   

Divorce or separation mediation?     Couples who are separating or divorcing can most often benefit from the help of a qualified mediator to avoid costly fighting over issues which are usually quite easily solved between the parents. Pat has had over 20 years working with couples to help create better co-parenting plans for your children after separation and to resolve the practical aspects of your separation in a good way. 

Custody Assessments? When you are part of a couple who is  separating or divorcing and you cannot agree with your former beloved on the best parenting plan for your children, Pat, as an objective expert, can interview the members of your family and other knowledgeable parties and make recommendations for the best interests of your children. This can help you and your lawyers negotiate a resolution to your dispute.

Parent or IndividualCoaching? If you need help with your parenting, while together or during separation, coaching may be helpful to you. Whether you are able to meet with Pat as a couple, or you prefer to meet individually, you can work on practices that will create a better home for your children and more confidence in yourself as a parent or co-parent. 

Training: Pat offers training to groups in  conflict resolution, team-building, mediation, The Satir Model of personal growth , dealing with difficult people, dealing with anger and other peace-building projects. Training will be customized for your group or workplace.